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Monday, March 2, 2009


Schools are closed for me.. The first time in 2 years!! YIPEEE... I can hardly contain my joy!!!! And the Mayor of NYC actually closed New York City schools for the first time in 5 years!! NUTS!! We have a blizzard folks!
This picture was 6:30am... We still have snow predicted until 3pm!!! YIKES!! Good times!!
Pregnancy Stuff
We had another very productive weekend. I think the crib is due in this week so, we got busy.
We hemmed drapes... put up a room divider... put a shelf on the wall... installed a light on that part of the room (WOW that was really hard to do!)... fixed the holes that were made by putting in a new light.... Put new drapes in the Living room......
It sounds like a lot less than we actually did. That took us 2 full days!!
So here are some pictures. I have no new belly shots for you. I have been really lazy about that! But, I am feeling pretty good lately.

We still haven't moved the dresser out.. That will happen sometime this week and the crib will go right in that same spot..
Daisy was feeling like a ham.. so here she is stealing my snoogle pillow... bad dog. :)

I went to a "birth wisdom circle" for water birthing last week. It was interesting. I am not considering a home birth but, the hospital and the birthing room I am using has a waterbirth, jacuzzi tub. I planned on using it for labor and then birthing out of the tub. I haven't been swayed to totally use the tub for the birth... but, I will go with the flow that day. I am not as skeeved by the water thing as I previously was.
That's all for now. I hope everyone is doing great!


alicia said...

ohh the room is looking great!!!

I so wanted to do a water birth, but our hospitals don't have tubs in them. I was going to do a home birth/birth centre birth, but I can't afford the midwifes right now! ahhh

good luck on making a decision, that is great that you went to a class to learn more!

Anonymous said...

The room is looking fabulous! I'm just now catching up on blogs as I took quite the break - I love love love the dresser from a few days ago!

Anonymous said...

Trish I love the colours you have used in the room - so warm and rich and just delish! We need belly pics - so stop being lazy on that front ok? Especially considering you have a snow day today ;)