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I would die for that.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I got to hang out in labor and delivery Friday night

Not the most fun experience since my mother yelled at everyone.. But, I won't go into that.

Baby is doing fine. Everything else was still the same. Same high pressure, swelling went down a bit, no protein in my urine.

I remain on bedrest. Saturday, my pressure dropped to much safer levels. So, it's just a waiting game. I have no idea how long this bedrest will last and if I will go back to work. Hopefully, tomorrow's tests tell us something more conclusive.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on me.

Well, the bedrest continues.
Good news:
No protein in my urine.
Kidney's and liver tests were fine.
Blood pressure went back down last night
Swelling is greatly reduced
I have enough sick days to take me to end of the school year, so if this bedrest continues I can get paid and just go back to work on the first day in September.
No break in health insurance
If I have something wrong I can stay with my midwife and she will co-treat with a specialist! I don't have to go nuts finding an OB!

Bad News:
Well, I would have to go back to work in September, not November like I planned.
A test that meausres clotting came back elevated. Scary stuff. So after I finish my 24 urine test today, I go back for a bunch more blood tests and then more on Monday. This can mean a bunch of things or nothing. They have to track it's progression over several days.
Bed rest continues until next Tuesday, at least.

So that's it for an update.
My sweet puppy is up my azz today. I think she knows that I am upset. She is literally on top of me. I can't even pee without her sitting on my feet.

I am calling to get a carseat inspection appointment for next Tuesday. And we are washing baby clothes this weekend. This may all go down a lot sooner than we planned!

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.. So far the good news outweighs the bad!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bed Rested.

For at least the next few days. But, it looks like I am headed for pre-eclampsia. My feet swelled to epic proportions today. I swear people were commenting on my feet from down the hall. Then, I went down to the nurse and she took my blood pressure and it had spike to pre-eclamptic levels. So, I went for some stat bloodwork and testing. I have to do a 24 hour urine... And I might have pre-eclampsia.

I have been a good bedrester today and the swelling went down a bunch. My Mom came over to take my blood pressure and said... oh you're ankles are so bad...I was like... yeah, I was just admiring how good they looked compared to earlier today. She was like.... That's NOT good. She took my pressure and it seemed that 5 hours of laying almost completely still reduced my pressre a bunch too. So now I continue to rest and wait for all the test results.

Keep me and baby in your prayers. I am pretty scared.

Blood Pressure!

So, I have been feeling SOOO crappy this week. I mean really, really crappy. I just had a feeling something was up. I wan't seeing the midwife, Susan, until next week. But, there was a class at her office last night and I went. I showed her my ankles.. and then I saw the look of concern.

She took my blood pressure. It's has been slowly creeping up. Not pre-eclampsia yet. But, not good. The words "bed rest" were thrown around. Thank God that wasn't the decision yet. She thinks it's not high enough to warrant that and it might actually serve to raise it because, it would be stressful.

But, I have to take it easy. Rest a tons on my left side. Drink TONS of water. Eat TONS of protein. Be on the lookout for headaches, spots in my vision, and facial swelling. She also told me she doesn't think I should work until "the end". I told her I was starting to think about stopping a week early.. she said.. earlier. We'll see how it goes. I want to save those days to spend with the baby!

I cancelled my trip to Pennsylvania this weekend. I am probably upsetting my little cousin. It is her communion. But, 3 hours in the car there and back (we weren't staying over) is probably not taking it easy. So, we're not going. :(

Midwife also told me she want to see me in looser clothes to promote better circulation to my legs. The weather is FINALLY getting warmer this weekend.. BIG TENT DRESSES FOR ME!!! I have been waiting for this. But, It has been too cold and wet for that! Thank God for Spring!!!! Yipee!

I finally got my pictures from the photo shoot. I'll post a few cute ones later on today. I have to get to work now!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tough Day yesterday.

First, My Grand Aunt died after a battle with cancer. She lived a good life. She had no kids and was only married for three years before her husband died. So she was like a second Grandma to me (actually, I was closer to her than I am to my own grandma). It is sad that she died. But, from October on.. she struggled so much. She was so sick and it was awful to watch. So at least now she is resting in peace. She was the most fiercely independent (and stubborn) woman I have ever known. Losing her memory and her independence was awful to her. I will miss her dearly.

Then, later on in the day, my Mom's twin sister was diagnosed with Lymphoma. It is low grade at this point and we really don't know what that means. She has to start calling doctors (hopefully, we can convince her to use Sloan Kettering) but, the funeral and Easter will probably make that difficult. Hopefully, early next week, she can get in and get an action plan. The doctor that diagnosed her told her that there is no cure, just maintaining quality of life. But, that life can last 20 to 30 years. The statistics don't look good. But, I found some information on new treatments and I think Sloan Kettering is the place for her. Please pray for her. She has two sons in college and one boy in middle school.

So, my family is going through a lot. We are all trying to stick together and get through this weekend before we tackle the big "C". It was a sad day.

No real pregnancy updates. I think the baby has turned head down finally. I was starting to get nervous about breach. We watched a horrifying birth video in class the other night. (I missed that day in high school) It totally freaked me out. Dh, not so much. But, I am convinced he will never go near me again after childbirth!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I haven't been online in FOREVER.....

I apologize. Everything is fine with me. We just have some really crazy family stuff going on and we have been really busy.

My shower was last weekend. It was wonderful, fabulous and so much fun. We laughed so hard we cried. In fact one friend said, " I kind of feel inappropriate having so much fun at a baby shower". This is me posing with my new "Vera Bradley" diaper bag. I HEART it. It is awesome.

Everyone was so generous. It was really great. We pretty much finished the "nursery nook". We just have some pictures to hang.

I was really waiting to post this until I received some pictures from the maternity photo shoot. That was also amazing. I was sent three "teaser" pictures until the rest are cropped, edited and sent to me. They are pretty cool. I just can't wait to see the rest. The ones she sent me don't show my face at all. I am looking forward to that. But, for now, here are the three pictures that I have.

Other than that, there are some pretty crazy things going on in my family right now (my brother is fine, not him) and I could use some prayers. It's just one of those weeks where the hits keep coming and coming. Financially, everything we own, at least it seems, decided to break this week, just as we got our tiny tax return. We are dealing with two very major illnesses.. one person is days away from passing away and the other is waiting to see if she gets a very serious cancer diagnosis in the next few days. I just need prayers for the both of them.

P.S. It's 2:30 AM and I totally can't sleep from stress, worry, and well.. pregnancy. I need sleep!