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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blood Pressure!

So, I have been feeling SOOO crappy this week. I mean really, really crappy. I just had a feeling something was up. I wan't seeing the midwife, Susan, until next week. But, there was a class at her office last night and I went. I showed her my ankles.. and then I saw the look of concern.

She took my blood pressure. It's has been slowly creeping up. Not pre-eclampsia yet. But, not good. The words "bed rest" were thrown around. Thank God that wasn't the decision yet. She thinks it's not high enough to warrant that and it might actually serve to raise it because, it would be stressful.

But, I have to take it easy. Rest a tons on my left side. Drink TONS of water. Eat TONS of protein. Be on the lookout for headaches, spots in my vision, and facial swelling. She also told me she doesn't think I should work until "the end". I told her I was starting to think about stopping a week early.. she said.. earlier. We'll see how it goes. I want to save those days to spend with the baby!

I cancelled my trip to Pennsylvania this weekend. I am probably upsetting my little cousin. It is her communion. But, 3 hours in the car there and back (we weren't staying over) is probably not taking it easy. So, we're not going. :(

Midwife also told me she want to see me in looser clothes to promote better circulation to my legs. The weather is FINALLY getting warmer this weekend.. BIG TENT DRESSES FOR ME!!! I have been waiting for this. But, It has been too cold and wet for that! Thank God for Spring!!!! Yipee!

I finally got my pictures from the photo shoot. I'll post a few cute ones later on today. I have to get to work now!

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Jendeis said...

Hey Trish! Good to know that you are doing OK. RE: loose clothing, my dad's trick (he suffers from major edema in his lower legs and feet) is to stretch out the elastic at the tops of his socks (and the part where the ankle meets the foot part, if necessary) till the elastic rips, so that there's less pressure and constriction.

Lots of rest. Much love.