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I would die for that.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I got to hang out in labor and delivery Friday night

Not the most fun experience since my mother yelled at everyone.. But, I won't go into that.

Baby is doing fine. Everything else was still the same. Same high pressure, swelling went down a bit, no protein in my urine.

I remain on bedrest. Saturday, my pressure dropped to much safer levels. So, it's just a waiting game. I have no idea how long this bedrest will last and if I will go back to work. Hopefully, tomorrow's tests tell us something more conclusive.


KimboSue said...

Same story, second verse. Your experience sounds just like mine the last few weeks of being pregnant.Good luck and definitely take it easy!

theclam said...

Whew, glad that bab is fine, but you need to take care of you too Honey!

Thinking of you.


Kara said...

Been following your blog since probably the beginging of your pregnancy. Your video at the top of your page caught my eye and it spoke the words my heart has felt for 10 years. Just wanted to drop by and let you know that God has people all praying for you and your little one. Rest Relax Take it easy and know that God is in control!