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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I haven't been online in FOREVER.....

I apologize. Everything is fine with me. We just have some really crazy family stuff going on and we have been really busy.

My shower was last weekend. It was wonderful, fabulous and so much fun. We laughed so hard we cried. In fact one friend said, " I kind of feel inappropriate having so much fun at a baby shower". This is me posing with my new "Vera Bradley" diaper bag. I HEART it. It is awesome.

Everyone was so generous. It was really great. We pretty much finished the "nursery nook". We just have some pictures to hang.

I was really waiting to post this until I received some pictures from the maternity photo shoot. That was also amazing. I was sent three "teaser" pictures until the rest are cropped, edited and sent to me. They are pretty cool. I just can't wait to see the rest. The ones she sent me don't show my face at all. I am looking forward to that. But, for now, here are the three pictures that I have.

Other than that, there are some pretty crazy things going on in my family right now (my brother is fine, not him) and I could use some prayers. It's just one of those weeks where the hits keep coming and coming. Financially, everything we own, at least it seems, decided to break this week, just as we got our tiny tax return. We are dealing with two very major illnesses.. one person is days away from passing away and the other is waiting to see if she gets a very serious cancer diagnosis in the next few days. I just need prayers for the both of them.

P.S. It's 2:30 AM and I totally can't sleep from stress, worry, and well.. pregnancy. I need sleep!


Amy said...

You are inn my thoughts and prayers! Beautiful baby nook!

Jendeis said...

Thinking of you. Nook looks gorgeous. Pics are beautiful!!

Searching for Serenity said...

It sounds like you are on the a big rollercoaster this week. I hope you can find some peace and get some rest this weekend.

The nook looks perfect and cozy. You look fantastic. The pink dress is great! And the teaser photos from your maternity photoshoot are absolutely beautiful.

Thinking of you.

Kara said...

Praying for you and your family! Get some rest!!!

alicia said...

wow that diaper bag is HOT! and the nursery nook looks fantastic! well done and that shot of you with the wallpaper, AHHHH i love it sooo much I want one just like it now :)

sending prayers for your family and the money/health issues! when it rains it pours hey?