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Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on me.

Well, the bedrest continues.
Good news:
No protein in my urine.
Kidney's and liver tests were fine.
Blood pressure went back down last night
Swelling is greatly reduced
I have enough sick days to take me to end of the school year, so if this bedrest continues I can get paid and just go back to work on the first day in September.
No break in health insurance
If I have something wrong I can stay with my midwife and she will co-treat with a specialist! I don't have to go nuts finding an OB!

Bad News:
Well, I would have to go back to work in September, not November like I planned.
A test that meausres clotting came back elevated. Scary stuff. So after I finish my 24 urine test today, I go back for a bunch more blood tests and then more on Monday. This can mean a bunch of things or nothing. They have to track it's progression over several days.
Bed rest continues until next Tuesday, at least.

So that's it for an update.
My sweet puppy is up my azz today. I think she knows that I am upset. She is literally on top of me. I can't even pee without her sitting on my feet.

I am calling to get a carseat inspection appointment for next Tuesday. And we are washing baby clothes this weekend. This may all go down a lot sooner than we planned!

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.. So far the good news outweighs the bad!

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