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I would die for that.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some fun pictures to share!

We had a busy weekend but, I swear I took it easy. DH painted the "baby nook" (that's what we call the little section of our room that baby will occupy until the economy rebounds and we can extend the house or move... you know when the kid is 18 years old.)
I layed in bed, watched him painting the walls along with some silly movies all day.

But, I did paint the dresser. We took DH's old dresser and added the decals that matched the bedding. Then we added a few coats of varnish and Voila! We had a dresser. And I think it's pretty cute! Here the front and the top... followed by the two sides.

Here is the bedding.

And here is the crib we ordered this weekend also. We ordered early because, "they" say that it can take up to 10 weeks... Well, my friends.. ours is coming in two weeks!! YIKES.

Then.. here are pics of the "baby nook" before and after. We are adding an overhead pendant lamp and hopefully we are going to figure out how to block off the whole front of the "baby nook" with a sheer green curtain with tiebacks so there is some nice separation.

The crib will go where the dresser is currently. Then the dresser will go in the right corner facing forward. Behind the crib we will hang the quilt as a wall hanging and on the right wall we will put a high shelf and some pics in frames.

Next, I have some 24 week shots and the "funny as hell" t-shirt that DH got me for Valentine's Day. I must point out that he got me a size too big. When I questioned that.. he looked at my belly and raised his eyebrows... so yeah... that was great. :)

Other than that... hmm... I think my shower is coming sooner than I expected. I told my Mom I don't want to be surprised.. and she basically told me to "go shove it". So, I am a little upset. I don't want to walk into my shower in my weekend attire of the ugliest, most comfy clothes that I have. So now I am going to be paranoid. She did say that she would take a dress from me and bring it to the shower so I can change.. but, I think that might look crazy. I am pretty good sleuth and Dh is pretty lame about keeping secrets.. so I may be able to figure it out.

I tried on the dress I thought I would wear... Isn't it funny how things can look cute on you at 4 weeks pregnant and make you look like a pregnant farmhand from Little House on the Prairie at 25 weeks??? Umm I need to shop for a new dress.

Other than that.. I have taken much better care of me this weekend. So I feel better. I have the whole week off and I am so excite to do nothing.

Oh yeah... My dumb dog cost us 400$ at the vet this week for... basically.. pink eye. Apparently, it went very wrong and now her eye is in all sorts of trouble. And my vet likes to "get you" for every penny. Sooo... No fun for me this week.. We spent all our "fun" on the doggie. She should be okay though... I am quite sure that we are done paying for this though. She has one more appointment next week.

So that's it. If you are still reading.. You deserve and award! This was long and not too interesting!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A bit of a rough week.

I haven't been posting but, I have been lurking. I am so excited about JJ's baby and I continue to pray that things get a little easier for Nancy.

I have had a rough week myself. My grand-aunt/most awesome person ever was diagnosed with cancer last week. It's spread everywhere and she moved in with my Mom on hospice this week. She is 85 and lived a good life. I can't help thinking that we interfered with God's plan for her in October when we found her in a coma in her house. It could have been quick and painless for her and now it will horrible and painful. It's just really sad.

So, after totally overdoing it on Saturday, I couldn't even move that night. The next day I started to have what I think were contractions. They were really painful and went on all night. My Mom started to get upset (side note: she is an L&D nurse and doesn't get upset over anything pregnancy related.. so her getting upset freaked me out!). I got all upset which probably made it worse. I was just SOOO scared. Finally I called the midwife, who was all concerned. I didn't wind up going to the hospital but, I was ordered to bed. Everytime I lay down they stopped. But, when I stood up... pain came back.

So then, we had a rough week getting everything ready for my Aunt to come home. By yesterday, I was beat. I left work early. I had been having non-painful braxton and hicks all week long and I started to have some pain again. Coupled with a splitting headache.. I went home early. Last night I didn't sleep all night and I feel SOOOO bad today. But, I have to bring puppy to the vet since she has pink eye. So there is no end in sight.

The good news, as of today, I am off for a week. I plan to do NOTHING.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi there!

sorry I have been MIA. My computer died on me last week and it needed some serious TLC.

There really isn't too much to update. We are in the thick of the day care search. This is so heartwrenching. A neighbor told me she is going to start babysitting and would love to it... for half the price of the day care I am thinking of using. SCORE... but, in the same breath she told me she is trying to get pregnant. She is 38 and having some troubles. So what does that mean for me? I am thinking IF treatments, bed rest, and then a newborn... So how can all that happen and she can still babysit.

I only want the best for her but, at the same time... What will happen with us if she can't do it come September and all the good day cares are filled up? I was kind of taken aback by this revelation and didn't question it during our discussion. So I think I need to go back and discuss with it her. Do you think that would be crossing the line? I just think I need to know how she plans on handleing the situation if she indeed becomes pregnant.

Other than that... I need to sign up for the Bradley courses ASAP. The woman I want to use is due any day with her little bundle but, I think will be doing a course starting in March. However, I need to get off my butt and call her before she goes into labor!!!!

I am also contemplating prenatal yoga. My midwife wants me to do it. However, I so not a fan of organized excersise at all. I prefer to not do it all or just do little spruts of jogging, kyaking, hiking etc. when the mood hits me. I am pretty outdoorsy but, the crazy and cold winter we are having in NY is making that pretty impossible.

I am feeling tons and tons of kicking, rolling, punching, tap dancing now. DH feels it almost everyday too. It was kind of funny because, baby would only kick for me and the puppy for a while and would freeze up whenever Daddy came near. It made hime sad and Daisy dog and I teased him a lot. But, now Baby puts on quite a show for Daddy. Baby did quite the impersonation of football player during the Superbowl last night. I lifted my shirt and let Dh feel away... AND giggled at the horrified looks on my Mom's and Aunt's faces at the fact that I showed my belly to a room of people.. Really, it was me, DH, Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle... No biggie... There were like, "we are from the generation of giant overalls and never wearing anything form fitting. You can't show people you're bare belly!" I just laugh.. Pregnancy is so beautiful!!!!! They are nuts.

So that's all for today! I hope everyone is well!