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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi there!

sorry I have been MIA. My computer died on me last week and it needed some serious TLC.

There really isn't too much to update. We are in the thick of the day care search. This is so heartwrenching. A neighbor told me she is going to start babysitting and would love to it... for half the price of the day care I am thinking of using. SCORE... but, in the same breath she told me she is trying to get pregnant. She is 38 and having some troubles. So what does that mean for me? I am thinking IF treatments, bed rest, and then a newborn... So how can all that happen and she can still babysit.

I only want the best for her but, at the same time... What will happen with us if she can't do it come September and all the good day cares are filled up? I was kind of taken aback by this revelation and didn't question it during our discussion. So I think I need to go back and discuss with it her. Do you think that would be crossing the line? I just think I need to know how she plans on handleing the situation if she indeed becomes pregnant.

Other than that... I need to sign up for the Bradley courses ASAP. The woman I want to use is due any day with her little bundle but, I think will be doing a course starting in March. However, I need to get off my butt and call her before she goes into labor!!!!

I am also contemplating prenatal yoga. My midwife wants me to do it. However, I so not a fan of organized excersise at all. I prefer to not do it all or just do little spruts of jogging, kyaking, hiking etc. when the mood hits me. I am pretty outdoorsy but, the crazy and cold winter we are having in NY is making that pretty impossible.

I am feeling tons and tons of kicking, rolling, punching, tap dancing now. DH feels it almost everyday too. It was kind of funny because, baby would only kick for me and the puppy for a while and would freeze up whenever Daddy came near. It made hime sad and Daisy dog and I teased him a lot. But, now Baby puts on quite a show for Daddy. Baby did quite the impersonation of football player during the Superbowl last night. I lifted my shirt and let Dh feel away... AND giggled at the horrified looks on my Mom's and Aunt's faces at the fact that I showed my belly to a room of people.. Really, it was me, DH, Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle... No biggie... There were like, "we are from the generation of giant overalls and never wearing anything form fitting. You can't show people you're bare belly!" I just laugh.. Pregnancy is so beautiful!!!!! They are nuts.

So that's all for today! I hope everyone is well!


KimboSue said...

Glad you're back!

We are currently in the nanny/babysitter search as well. It's hard to find something concrete when you're not sure of the exact date you'll "need" them.

alicia said...

that is great that DH can feel all the movements now! so fun!

good luck with the daycare situation, I am sure she will understand why you have to ask her about IF stuff.

ya signed up for my classes a while ago too, just cause they fill up so quick!