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Saturday, May 2, 2009

ahhh craziness!

I went to see the Maternal Fetal Specialist yesterday. I felt like he looked at my chart and just prescribed the same thing for me that he does for everyone.

For the record:
- I do not have pre-eclampsia, yet. I realize that is a big "yet". If I develop it officially, my whole opinon of this changes.
- My pressures are up and down. Each time they spike, they get a bit higher. Most of the time they are lower.
- I have no protein in my urine.
- I have had headaches. But, are they ALL related to the pressure or are some related to my wicked bad allergies?
- My swelling is almost gone. Yes, sometimes when my pressure spikes, my face gets a bit puffy as do my hands and feet.
- According to the testing done, my baby is FINE, GREAT size, functioning so well. The placenta and cord are perfect.

So here's his plan: Follow me very closely with twice weekly bloodwork and biophyical's and non-stress tests, daily urine testing, twice daily pressure checks and Induce at 37 weeks. I'm a little puzzled. Why wouldn't it be, do all that tracking and get me to 37 weeks.. then take it day by day and see if I need to be induced?? Because, I don't have pre-eclampsia yet. I'm a first time Mom and an induction that early has a high rate of failure.. and the baby is doing fantastic! So, why end the pregnancy early if there are no signs that the pregnancy is affected by these pressure fluctuations. IF things start to change.. then, of course induce.

So, that being said. I am going for a second opinion. The practice I saw is very aggressive and I don't feel that my care was looked at on a personal level. I feel like they stuck me into a mold that my case doesn't fit into. If the second doctor agrees.. Induction it is. I won't fight it.

So, for now, my midwife has me taking evening primrose to ripen my cervix and we are going to discuss some herbs on Tuesday. Stephen and I started the perineal massage last night.. TMI, I know. And we are assembling the stroller and installing the car seat this weekend. It may be baby time very soon.


Searching for Serenity said...

If there is one thing IF has taught us, no one falls into a mold. Good for you for taking charge of your care and getting a second opinion.

Glad to hear everything is going better and that your test results show nothing serious. You're so close now!!

KimboSue said...

oooh how exciting! Baby might be here before you know it. Perineal massage...I'll pass. But it does make me laugh thinking of that part from the movie Baby.Mama when the chick asks if she can just spray some Pam on it!

alicia said...

wow it could be baby time soon! good luck with the second opinion! i am glad to hear that baby is doing well though :)

Jess said...

Hi, I lost your blog for a while, but I just found it and added it to my bloglist. :)

I agree on getting a second opinion on the induction.

I will be keeping you both in my prayers...may the baby keep baking until the timer is done! :)