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Monday, June 8, 2009

Thyroid results are normal.

So, now I just stay on the BP meds for a few months and then we try weaing me off of them. In the meantime, I just relax and enjoy my baby. I'm feeling so much healthier. I am getting a bit frustrated by this lack of weight loss. I got down about 23 pounds with 12 to go. But each time I go down a pound, I swear, I am up two the next day. I guess it's just water weight fluctuations. But, it would be SOOO nice to wear a pair of jeans without the maternity waist band.

Nothing goes over my hips, if it does, the zippers won't even come close to each other.
Maybe I will suck it up and after payday, buy one pair of jeans, cheap, that I can wear until I get back into my old ones.

Baby boy is great. I think he may have a little diaper rash. Today, he had some belly gas and it broke my heart. He couldn't eat and just kept burping. He was trying so hard to push it out, from you know where (immature giggle) but, he just couldn't. So, I just rubbed his belly until he feel back to sleep. Hopefully, when he wakes up he can eat a little.

He is loving his tummy time and has suddenly taken an interest in his play mat. He LOVES to stare at himself in the mirror. He must know how cute he is. :)

He rolled himself from his front to his back twice. I think he even suprised himself!

We tried infant massage last night. How cute. He loved that too.

We went for a walk yesterday at a big historical mansion. It was fun for us. He slept. But, he was hella cute. No?


Amy said...

So glad you are feeling better -- he is precious!

Jess said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better and your little boy is so darling! I love how sweet he looks sleeping!

alicia said...

wow rolling already! crazy!! glad you are nice and healthy! the weight will be lost soon, don't worry!

Anonymous said...

SO good to hear you're feeling better... Your boy is GORGEOUS!!!