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Thursday, December 4, 2008

2 questions...

1st one is for the all the computer savy peeps. Every time I click on something, whether it be a link from a google search or a "favorite" link, a different page shows up. Some kind of shopping thing. Then I click back and try again and it works. I have pretty good protection program on my computer. What the "f" is going on? Anyone know?

2nd is a call for help.

I like the crib and dresser set from Walmart and it seems a little smaller than most.. Good for me. Since we have only one bedroom the space is more than a little tight. But the only place I can find it is on and the dimensions for the whole set are clearly wrong. It lists the height at about 6 inches. So I have no idea if the width and length are correct.

Does anyone have the BassettBaby Cape Cod 4 in 1 convertable set? If you do I am asking for a huge favor! Can you measure it for me? I really need to know and the Walmart site doesn't have a phone number anywhere! hmph. It is also not available in stores!

Thanks people. I'm feeling a little needy tonight I guess.


nancy said...

Sorry, can't help you with anything!

Tricia said...

Well I just found out that I think I have a "facebook" virus. Off to try and delete it.

Also, after about 2 hours online searching.. made difficult by the virus... I found the measurements... so all is good.

alicia said...

ohh can't help with either problems! did you try googling the crib name? I am sure someone out there has measruments! also I am sure if you call walmart someone wil be able to find the right measurements!