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Friday, November 28, 2008

ahhhh I love the holidays!!!!

We decorated for Christmas today.. At least on the inside. We left the lights for another day..
I have to show off my FAVORITE part of the holidays! My Department 56 Christmas Village!!!

Eeekkk I love it. We have the Dicken's village series. I really want to add Scrooge and Marley's Office.. but, we'll see. ($$$)

So without further ado....

This was the first time I tried to have water/ice.

What do you think?
Just for fun. Here is a 13 week, 2 day belly shot.


alicia said...

ahh so cute! keith and i do this thing where we have a small christmas village set up and every year we add a new house, or shop to the village! so one day we will have a huge one! haha! yours looks so great

Tricia said...

Us too! Although we get nutty and buy one ourselves. Plus some people... and then someone will get us one or two.. So we had to extend the display table this year!!

Amy said...

You look great!

nancy said...

hehe - look at that teeny little baby bump! Cute!!

Tricia said...

Nancy.. Teeny..??? It feels so huge. I guess I have no idea what I am in for???? I have never been more than a size 6 and the belly, while I adore it, is totally weird!! Know what I mean?

JJ said...

I love your village! So much more decoration and detail than ours--we love putting ours out every year, and getting new pieces! You look GREAT!