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Friday, November 21, 2008

Amazing IF news...

(2 post in one day!! What a treat!)

I work with someone who happened to go to the same RE as me. She has been doing IVF for two years. She has four kids but, remarried, after she had her tubes tied, and wanted a child with new hubby.

I know how hard it has been on her to see my pregnant. She is being a doll about it. But, I know. It stings. She did her 7th cycle this month and had only 1 egg of 20something survive to the 3-day transfer. The outlook was glum. The rating on that one wasn't even too high.

She tested on Wednesday and it was negative. She didn't tell me. But, I knew and then her friend told me. So she has been so so upset. She went in today for the Beta, knowing she wasn't pregnant.

And then .......

the doctor called and she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried when she told me. She is in total shock and doesn't believe it. She goes Monday for a repeat Beta. She was in such shock she never asked for the number. But, I have a good feeling about it!!!!!!!!!!! I told her that if it was lower they would have told her it was low and not to get too excited.

Eeeeekkkk.. I am so freaking happy for her. So if anyone can spare some prayers... Please pray for my friend!!


alicia said...

yay! great news about your friend!

nancy said...

what day past transfer is she? Was it a 3d or 5d transfer? Or other?

Congrats to your friend!

Tricia said...

It was a 3 day. They were shooting for a 5 day but, Since all the other ones didn't make it they thought it best to do a 3 day. I think she is 11 days post transfer.

littlezen said...

It always makes me smile and feel hopeful when I hear things like that.