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Friday, November 21, 2008

Belly Button Fears.

What is your biggest pregnancy fear? Probably something rationale like, episotomy and birth.
Mine... My belly button turning inside out.
It totally freaks me out.
Last night. Stephen and I were looking at my belly and we noticed that we could see the back of my belly button without stretching my skin out (okay, so I am weird about my belly button and I have stretched it all out to see what the back of it looked like, in the past).
What does this all mean? It means, my belly button is getting more shallow as my stomach stretches. I am sure the gigantic amount of food from "Five Guys" (mmmmmm.... If you have one near you.. please go there and experience their goodness) that I consumed last night has something to do with my belly looking SO HUGE!
So Stephen taunted me all night and was asking if it was going to a "boing" noise when it pops out. Oh MY GOD! I would faint. Thank god our bodies don't make cartoon noises!

But, what does happen? For those BTDT pregnant ladies... Does it pop out suddenly? Is is a little by little thing? Please enlighten me!

OH yeah. I forgot to post my 12 week pics. I "think" the belly is changing from all over bloating fat to more of a centralized bump. It is also SOOO much bigger at night than in the morning. These pics were in the afternoon, before dinner.


Searching for Serenity said...

Your bump is so cute! Hopefully your belly button will gradually pop to allow you time to adjust. ;-)

Eric and Emily said...

I found your blog through a blog, glad I did too, I too will be coming up on 12 weeks on Sunday!
I had infertility issues for 2 years and 1 miscarriage about a year ago.
I too am grossed out at the belly button thing!!! ewwwwwww.
Congrats on your cute baby bump!

alicia said...

yay bump!! wow your at 12 weeks already!! you are almost done with the first trimester!! how are you feeling?

nancy said...

what a CUTE belly!

Anonymous said...

Cute bump :)