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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just call me.....

Vomit machine.

I went from no morning sickness at all to... puking 4 times in one hour yesterday. I guess I looked pretty bad. Everytime I stood up I had someone standing next to me because, all the color left my face. My assistant prinicpal wanted to drive me home! But, I assured him that I only live a few blocks away and I would be fine. In reality I barely made it home without getting sick in my car.

Now the question is... Was this morning sickness or a stomach virus? One of my students has been puking in school for 2 or 3 days now. (you know, because why would Mom keep him home?) I was REEEEAAALLLY sick yesterday. I had cramping like I was getting the "runs" but, never did. I just kept puking. So does that sound like Morning sickness? If it does... I am so screwed. I literally couldn't function. I still have mild tummy cramps and my tummy feels weak. But, I am planning to go to work and just keep myself full all day. UGH.

And yes, I am complaining... I don't care. I don't deal with puking well and I am considering grounding my unborn child.


Amy said...

yucky, sorry!

alicia said...

hmmm, well it dosen't sound like my morning sickness! but everyones is different. I suffered from all day naseua and would throw up in the mornings, but it would not be like a flu like throw up, where you feel sick. I would throw up and still feel naseous, but it was different from having the flu!

hope that helps :)

theclam said...

Not having ever been pregnant myself I would not know but that does sound a bit excessive to me Trish... I would have it checked out if it continues to be so bad...