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Saturday, November 15, 2008

1st place Baby!!!

Whoo hoooo!! J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!

So excited that we beat those stinking Patriots! Although, honestly guys, you almost blew that. And overtime on a school night... NOT COOL! I could barely focus the next day I was so tired.

But, all in all, it was an amazing game. I nearly had a heart attack and couldn't get to sleep becuase my heart was racing. Amazing game!

Bring on the Titans!


nancy said...

Yay! You beat a team who's quarterback hasn't started a game since high school. And even then you ~barely~ won and took you overtime.

Bring on the Titans for sure. Are you ready for a pummellin'?

- nancy, a "stinking Patriots" fan, but understand when her poor injured team will simply have a bad season.

Tricia said...

Hey.. we have lost for so long that we celebrate EVERY victory like it's the playoffs.

- Tricia- a long suffering Jets fan.