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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ohhhhh Naaannnccyyy!!

Ummmm...... That was some "pummellin' " that my Jets took today!! Sorry, but, I need to gloat!!!! The Jets rock this year!!!

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.

I'm so glad my husband is a traitor to his home city of Nashville and joined Gang Green when we married. It was very fun calling all his family and having my entire family taunt them with the Jets cheer.

Too bad for your perfect season Titans.*

*Has anyone noticed how NY football teams have a way of wrecking perfect seasons for other teams?

P.S. All in good fun, Nancy. Just teasing.


nancy said...

You know, i noticed when you didn't gloat in your comment to me on my blog. I mentioned you to my husband today when I say the jets pummel the titans and said I had talked shit to you about that game. Not that I'm a titans fan, not at all, just that I am a patriots fan, so you gloating over beating them, makes me want you to lose now. :)

Yes, yes, you all played a very good game!

Tricia said...

LOL.. I am gloating a lot today. Congrats on your win too! I was starting to get a little nervous for you at first.. I was like they HAVE to beat Miami!!

I wound up getting in a fight on facebook with some Tennesee bitch that my husband went to high school with.

I don't know this girl from a hole in a wall and she butted into a friendly banter between me and very good friend of mine.. She started getting really nasty! Dh was stepping in and trying to make funny jokes.. But, I was getting REALLY pissed. I finally realized that I have been pretty hormonal today ( I swung from laughing to crying to bitching all day) and I stepped down and made nice. But.. I really wanted to pummel this nasty beotch..

I don't know why I just wrote all that.. I guess I needed to get that off my chest!


nancy said...

i don't do facebook, so i don't know how someone else can butt into a convo - but what a bitch! I like to talk shit, but I don't actually get "upset" about anything! (like she was doing - not your reaction!)