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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am a pregnancy cliche!!

Okay.. so it's not pickles and ice cream but, I am sitting her quite happily eating Kalamata olives and hot chocolate with marshmallows. And it's sooo goooooood!!!!!!

Anyone else have weird cravings... Pregnant or not?


alicia said...

haha! I have had no weird combination cravings yet!!! I just have to have an apple a day, I really crave apples!

Carrie said...

I haven't had any lately, but when I first started IVF and into the beginning of the pregnancy, I seriously loved pickles and a big glass of milk. I can totally get the pickles and ice cream thing!


Tricia said...

alicia.. I was that way with oranges. I would eat orange flavored anything for all day for a few weeks!

Carrie... I love pickles.. but, I couldn't do it with milk.. It's so weird to crave these strange weird things right?

Amy said...

When I was pregnant for my oldest I loved Tomato Soup and really have not eaten it since!!!!

Greg and Heather said...

I Just found your blog and I love it! How exciting tat you are expecting..we are trying beginning iui in a month or so until then just clomid...i like you am 5 feet tall so i loved yoru previous post! so cute! and you look adorable! anyways best wishes!!!

Penny said...

Sounds good to me! Sweet, salty.. Mmmm. Maybe I"ll have to get some olives myself.

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