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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What would you tell your younger self?

Do you ever think of the things you used to stress about as a teen and now realize how silly they are? Do you wish you could go back and tell your younger self to shut it?

For example... I had this friend. She was OBSESSED with another friend of ours.. a boy.. She used to start fights if anyone talked to him or.. gasp.. kissed him. But, he just wasn't into her. However, they were good friends and they reconnected a bunch of years ago. Well now, 11 years after we graduated.. They are getting married this fall. I wish I could go back to her high school self and say, "Relax, you are going to marry the guy!"

For me... I started my period very late. Like about 16 years old.

Which is so weird because my RE told me my FSH levels were a bit borderline and my clock was ticking. When I told him I got my period so late, he was puzzled. He said I may just have a very short fertile period.. But, anyway, I digress. :(

So what goes along with having a late period?? Late breast development. I was in a training bra in 9th grade!!! I can remember this mean boy, Greg. He sat next to me in band. One day he goes, "Why do you wear bra when you have no boobs?". I was so upset. I was a catholic school girl who transferred to public school in 9th grade. I knew no one, was so down on my self and he pointed out my worst flaw. sniff sniff. I ran into him a few years ago and he was being all nice to me. I had a few beers in me and I told him off. He didn't remember it but, he goes, " I realize now what a jerk I was. So many peole have told me off for stupid and hurtful things I have said and I am really sorry." LOL.. So I got my closure.. sorry digressing again!

So I finally get my period, in church.. yuck. And the boobs came slowly. However I can remember sitting on my Mom's lap in the bathroom , many times, crying and sobbing, "What if I never get boobs? I can't be this flat chested my entire life." My Mom would say, "So what if you are? Is it going to make you less of a woman?". (well no, Mom, but, boys like boobs) (another aside, My friend from high school who wears an A cup is doing well in Hollywood now and every guy on earth thinks she is beautiful. So I guess boobs aren't everything! I might tell my teenaged self that. But, she stole my boyfriend in high school and that just might make my teenaged self angry).

I can remember making out with a boy in high school and we were at around... 2nd base. ;) He was feeling up my shoulder something crazy.. then I realized.. he thought my shoulder was my boob. I said, "That's my shoulder..". He started laughing and I was a good sport about my tiny boobs at this point. But, still.. I was embarrassed. I used to wear A LOT of padding back then! Victoria's Secret was my friend! LOL.

So, imagine my amazement, when sophomore year of college, I grew boobs!! Real boobs! I was up to a 34 D and I was a petite girl!! Who knew. And they were quite perky and beautiful, I might add!

I went to the bra store to get professionally measured this past weekend because, my current bras were cutting of my circulation. Guess what? I am a 36DD!!! (Granted they are nasty, resting on my belly, and covered in stretch marks) But still a 36DD!!!

So what would I tell my teenaged self? "Relax, you will grow boobs, big ones! You may be almost 30 when it happens but, it will happen!! And maybe, you would like them so much then!"

What would you tell your teenaged self? ( I think a lot of us "IF'ers" would tell ourselves to stop wasting money on birth control, No?)


Anonymous said...

I would tell myself that trying so hard to fit in with the cool crowd was SO not worth it.


Tricia said...

yeah.. that's a good one. Most of them are ugly and working at silly jobs now.

Amy said...

I am faced with this question so often as I guide my almost 14 year old daughter through these years! I see her struggle with the same things I struggled with and I remember my mom saying it did not matter and me thinking she just does not understand -- so I try to say the right things -- oh my there are so many things I would tell my younger self ... I think most importantly I would would say ... be a kid, you will have so many years of being an adult, enjoy being young without all the 'stuff'!

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