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I would die for that.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Camera fixed.. Belly pics as promised!!

Yeah!! I got my camera back from Best Buy!!
Here are the pics!!
The first ones are from 4 weeks, 5 days.

The next few are from today (8 weeks, 4 days)
Don't mind the nasty rolled down maternity jeans!
Now if I could only figure out how to get the ultrasound photos scanned in!!


theclam said...

Cute Belly ;)

nancy said...

First off, I need you to put a ticker on your blog! I can't keep up with how far along everyone is. :)

Secondly, you are already in maternity jeans? ~giggle~. I remember how excited I was to wear my maternity stuff too, but by the end of 9 months, I hated them. Now I wait as long as I can!

funny thing about the "i would die for that" video at the top of your blog posts - for the longest time I thought that was the top post and you never ever updated. I've long since realized that but still thought it was funny enough to share!

Carrie said...

So, you're about a week ahead of me but I'm happy to see that you've already started popping out some! Everytime I mention that I am starting to "show" a little bit, they all roll their eyes at me and say it's too early. My jeans disagree.

I need to do pics.


alicia said...

oh wow!! your belly is bigger then mine! i am so jealous!!! haha soo cute :)

Tricia said...

Nancy, I know.. the jeans.. ugh... But, I can't button anything!! I hated the bella band and honestly sice I have IBS all the tightness on my belly made me soo sick. (I have always had that. I could never wear control top pantyhose.. I would be sooo sick). So I decided to opt for comfort!!

I don't know how to put a ticker on.. Please tell me!!

Amy said...

Belly is adorable! YEAH for comfort!

Jendeis said...

You look beautiful!! Yay baby bump!