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I would die for that.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our little gummy bear!

Here he/she is..

It looks like I swallowed a gummy bear!!


alicia said...

awe sooo cute!

Amy said...

Precious, just beyond words!!!

bendingbackwards said...

So cute. Congrats Trisha!

Jendeis said...

Baby does look like a gummy bear! Then I tilted my head and was able to see ok, here's the head, here's the hands, so cute!

nancy said...

Yay on the ticker!!! :)

But a double yay on the picture of the gummy bear. I just ~love~ the gummybear stage! :) So cute.

learningtobestillandknow said...

What a beautiful little gummy bear!! Congratulations!!!

theclam said...

Gummy Bear - bouncing here and there and everywhere - high adventure that just can't compare! There's YOUR Gummy Bear!!!

SO COOL :)))))