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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have such an emotional hangover..

We brought my brother and his dog to the airport in Philly (long story about why he didn't leave from NY).

It was incredibly emotional and sad... right up until my parents tried to withdraw money from their account to find that over the past few weeks, he drained their account... Then the anger and sadness came on full force.

I don't understand addiction. I just don't. But, I understand what it does to the family. He did call crying from within in the terminal and fessed up that he never did get clean in the past few weeks and had been stealing.. Yeah, for honesty when you are in an airport terminal and won't see your family for weeks. Good for you. (He has to come home for one final court date in November)

But, when he got to Tx, my other brother picked him up and they have spent every waking moment together. My Other brother thinks he sees a huge difference and that he really wants to get better... I have my doubts. He hasn't been burned by him though, since he lives in TX, not NY... So maybe some optimism is good for him. They went to church together.. We can't get him to church... So that was good.

I just pray that he can make it work and get himself a new life. He has a job interview tomorrow. I pray that he gets it because I don't know how he will react if he doesn't get a job in his field. He tells me he will just get a job anywhere for the time being. But, I don't know how much of a blow it will be if he doesn't get this job.

A funny thing happened today though. Matt called me to tell me that the "amazing" house that my brother bought in Tx... is such a mess and a dirty bachelor pad. Ha ha.. He made it seem like he had bought a palace!! He has big plans to fix it up for him. So, since my brother is a project sort of guy.. that could keep him really occupied for a while.

The dog is getting along well with my brother's other 2 dogs... 3 dogs.... yikes.. it must be so crazy.

So that's all on the brother front. Just keep praying..

One the baby front.. No news really.. Tons of cramping since I started the progesterone. It is kind of like the first couple of days after the BFP. I got a little queasy in church today but, nothing I can't handle..

And this progesterone makes me so bloated that you can totally tell I am pregnant. People are looking at my belly a little and my family is teasing me. I feel like such a fat ass to be showing at 6 1/2 weeks!! At this rate I will be in maternity clothes in no time. I had to walk around Philly with my pants unbuttoned all day. I think I will get a bella band come pay day. I was squeezing into my size 6's as it was and now I have very little hope of them fitting any loner.


Carrie said...

I know! I'm totally out of my skinny jeans already and the next size up just fits. Bella Bands, here I come! I haven't tried this yet, but plan to:

Sorry about your brother. My brother also had some addictions, although people consider them "minor" (smoking, drinking, marijuana). Sadly, he also had an unknown heart condition and those "minor" substances contributed to a heart attack at age 20. I truly do hope that your brother gets his life straigtened out. Obviously it's hard on him, but you and your parents are left feeling helpless and sad and angry at him all at once. It's such a tough place to be.


Anonymous said...

Trish, I'm sorry your brother has been a dimwit in the last few weeks. I'm praying that he uses the time in Tx to come clean and to turn his life around.

I'm super glad that you are having a not much to report time on the pg front ;)

Take care!

Amy said...

Addictions can be so life consuming, for the addict and their loved ones. I truly hope that your brother can get the help that he needs and that your family may have peace!

Sounds like the pregnancy is going great and this is such wonderful news.

alicia said...

your family is in my prayers!

oh wow!! that is crazy that you are showing already, I am totally jealous! haha.