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Monday, October 20, 2008

Sorry I haven't been updating...

I have been sick and in classes or conferences all weekend. Today, I stayed home because I felt like death. I made an appointment with my doctor and apparently I have an upper respiratory infection that has flared up my asthma. I had to have a nebulizer treatment in the office and I think I have a fever right now. I am on antibiotics and I took to Tylenol.

So, I am in bed, sick. I am coughing loud up to wake the whole neighborhood and my throat is soo sore. The PA took one look in my mouth and thought it was strep throat. But, the rapid test was negative. I did get a talking to about keeping up with my inhalers because, I could be depriving the baby of O2.

Funny thing.. I did find out that the PA also went to the same RE as me. How do you like that? :) We had a little bonding over that.

Tomorrow morning might be my graduation appointment at the RE. I will do everything I can to get there.. work however, we'll see. I hate to use these precious sick days that I have saved up for maternity leave. I know that each time I see the midwife I will have to use 1/2 a day since she doesn't have evening hours. So, I am really trying to rest up so I can make it into work.


theclam said...

hey Trish, sorry you're not feeling well - sure all will work out in the end regarding days off etc for when the baby comes... :)


Amy said...

Feel better soon!!