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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The only major pregnancy symptom I have....

I am an evil bitch. Even more so after about 7pm. Stephen tried to snuggle with me last night and I had to jump up on top of him and give him an angry display of how it felt to have someone breathe all over you. That was nice of me, no? I was just trying to be helpful. Don't you think that was nice.. Ha Ha.. Poor Stephen.

Last night when we were sleeping I almost threw him out of bed because his elbow touched me. Now to be fair, I am not a sleep snuggler. Never have been. We snuggle before we turn off the lights and then no touching for the rest of the night. I just don't like someone's hot body touching me. But now... yeah... It is grounds for nuclear war.

I think I am getting the tired stuff coming on and that is why I am so cranky. I am not sleeping well and peeing in the middle of the night is not so fun for someone who had irrational fears of the dark!! LOL Oh and the sense of smell thing is hysterical. I think I have a second career as a drug sniffing dog or something. Although it did prevent me from finishing my pizza last night becuase the smell was too strong.

Not complaining too much.. because, it doesn't affect me if I'm a little evil and at this point, Stephen might feel differently.. I say.. bring on the symptoms. I want to feel them all. I have waited too long for this!!


Amy said...

You go girl! You make me laugh.

alicia said...

ohh that is interesting! I don't think I have had the evil bit yet! Although Keith may consider all my complaining to be evil! haha. I hope you get some symptoms, but mild, light happy ones!

nancy said...

The peeing will go away soon (until it comes back when baby lays on your bladder). So succumb to the need to sleep, no matter how early.