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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still sick...

Oh god. I feel like I need another nebulizer treatment. I had one on Monday. I feel so so bad. I went to work yesterday and I was miserable but, I made it. Well, today.... I practically got pushed out the door and I was home in bed by 11AM. I feel soo bad. I was coughing so bad that I actually made myself throw up twice.

I just hate that I can't take anything!! I don't even care that I am complaining because I am just so godamned sick. The robitussin doesn't do anything for me and the antibiotics aren't helping. I am so scared that I am getting bronchitis or pnemonia. I woke up at 4:30AM and coughed until the alarm went off at 7AM.

I called both the RE and the regular doctor and they are both closed. I am considering calling the emergency number and asking what to do.

Oh yeah.. Nancy, I would NEVER delete your posts!! Puh-lease, you are awesome!! It's okay to vent a little. No biggie. We all worry.

Alicia, Yeah I have a bump. I can't close any of my pants and I am not a fan of the bella band. I got one pair of maternity jeans and I might just live in them for a while. I honestly think the progesterone is making me bloated. But, it's all good!


So, I called the doctor. They basically told me there is nothing I can do right now. They told me to keep taking the antibiotics but, that is probably viral. They did switch my inhaler so I need to send DH for a new one... scratch that.. Dh is working late..even though I cried on the phone to him. Jerk. I have a fever now.
Seriously I might take pictures of myself or videotape coughing in bed and show it to DC one day when they are hating on me.. "See what I went through for you!". What I wouldn't do for some real cold medicine.

Off to hang my head over a pot of boiling water to breathe in the steam.


nancy said...

Give the antibiotics time to work. Sometimes it takes a few days to start feeling the difference. But definitely don't be afraid to call if you think it's getting too bad!

(and thanks for being so understanding. I am usually not the one who vents her own problems in response to someone else's blog!)

alicia said...

ohh being sick sucks, espically when you can't take drugs! I feel your pain! hang in there! ohh I so want to see some pics of this belly, get that camera fixed girl!

Amy said...

Just some thoughts, when my little guy had bronchitis my Naturolpathic Doctor said to use Eucalyptus drops in steam, either in a bowl of boiling water or in the shower - it worked really well! Also honey and lemon for the cough!Chicken soup with extra garlic and onion!

Hope you feel better soon!

Carrie Ann said...

Congrats on the baby! Your sicky stuff sounds like me but I am hoping not. I am 27 weeks pregnant but about 11 weeks ago I developed asthmatic bronchitis and now I just have plain asthma (never had it in my life). I guess pregnancy can bring on asthma. Nebulizer treatments, 3 rounds of antibiotics, 3 rounds of Prednisone and I *still* have the cough. The cough was making me throw up and I actually cracked ribs on both sides from coughing. Anyways, I hope you just have a virus or something and not this. Hope you feel better!

Jendeis said...

My SIL swears by those Neti Pots (basically you shove a teeny teapot spout to pour warm water up your nose and it goes out the other side along with the gunk). Gross, but apparently it works.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon hon.


Tricia said...

jendeis.. So funny that you say that. Someone told me about the neti pots and I just went out and got one. It is gross..but, after one use I am breathing a little better!

Tricia said...

Carrie Ann...
OMG your poor thing. I hope you are feeling better soon. That sounds awful. I can't believe you cracked ribs from coughing!! Feel better and take care