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Monday, August 4, 2008

And now.. I am vomiting...

Great. I took My first two doses on antibiotics yesterday and the third right before I got in the shower this morning. This antibiotic is for my HSG test to, I guess, stop infection possibilities. So yeah, I ate breakfast, got in my car, opened the door and puked. Right on the driveway. Twice. Then I ran inside and proceeded to get violently ill. Really bad.

I called the doctor and they seem to think it is my antibiotics, not the Clomid. Thank god. I am going to start taking zithromax tonight and I am going to make darn sure that I eat a a full meal with it!!! YUCK!! I was so upset to be puking. My puppy dog came to my rescue and was up in my face while I was puking. Very cute, but, I wanted to kill her.

I am so so scared for the HSG. Tell me it won't be so bad. Will it? I am only working until 12 and then I have the test at 2. * My sister is taking me and she is not so good on the compassion thing. Remember she called me a infertile bitch a few months ago. YIKES.

Also my Cervical fluid is indicating Ovulation should be soon. Maybe this weekend. I asked the doctor and they told me to start using the OPK's a little earlier. Maybe Wednesday (cd11). I have a sono appointment for Saturday but, honestly, I think I will be Ovulating around that time. We'll see. I have been wrong before about that.

*UPDATE! The office called and wanted me to come in at 8am! I couldn't do that because then I would have to take the whole day off and I only get paid per-deim in summer school. So, I am going in at 12:15. Yikes. I am scared!!


Infertile Friend said...

HSG is so not bad - don't believe most things that you read online. As long as a qualified GYN or RE does the test it should not hurt. Mine took less than 5 minutes after waiting for the doc for 2 1/2 hours. I was ill but only b/c I waited so long. I worried like crazy about it too. It hurt less than my IUI did - same premise. Catheter in the uterus. Good luck! Hope all is clear.

Jendeis said...

HSG was definitely not as bad as I read online. I think it just depends on your own system and how it deals with the dye. It felt like sharp menstrual cramps and pressure as he was putting in the dye, then nothing.

You will do great! We love you!

alicia said...

don't worry you can do it!! It's not that bad, mine was painless! sorry about all the puking, that is nooo fun!

Mel said...

It is uncomfortable, but over very soon!!!
You'll do great.

Anonymous said...

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