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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


What a good news day..

Well not all good. I got a BFN.. I know, I know.. I shouldn't be testing yet. Too early. But I couldn't resist.. tee hee..

But my BFF just got promoted today and my brother just made Staff Sargent in the Air Force. (no, not the brother from my post the other day, the other brother!). I am so freaking excited for him!!!!! He took a test for it and found out today that he passed. He will get his stripes pinned on tonight at work and then will have to take them off. He gets put on a list for Staff Sargent and will get it "officially" as soon as one opens up! (Probably in a few months)

So, CONGRATS to all the people that got promotions today.

Can we get some good news our way this week???? Puh-lease.

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Amy said...

My fingers are crossed and positive thoughts are with you!