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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Now that hurt!!

I'm back from the HSG. The good news... No clogs, blockage or anything. He said that any little clogs that were there are gone because of the test. So that is good. Lets hope it gets me pregnant very soon!

The bad news... OUCH!!! It hurt!! Really..

They were putting in the speculum, "just like the OB", he says. Um no. That mofo cranked when he opened it and I swear I could feel it up to my shoulders! Then he went to insert the catheter. But, my cervix was cooperative. It migrated. I have no idea how. But, it packed up and migrated.

Eventually he inserted the catheter. It hurt but, not that bad. Then came the balloon! OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW! He only inflated in 1/3 of the way because it hurt so bad. They they slid me back like a invalid on a hospital bed. And they took the pictures. They inserted the dye. It hurt a little but, not as bad and the fecking balloon! Holy crap! That balloon!

He said, "everyone should hope to have a study like yours!" I liked that!

It was kind of cool to see. One tube was all pretty and upside down U shaped. The other was a little more squiggly.. Still a U shape but just not as perfectly U shaped as the other. He said it was still perfectly fine. Apparently there is a lot of variation in tube shapes.

So, all in all it was okay.

I just have one pet peeve. WHY OH WHY do doctors offices only have those pads that are large enough to absorb the Nile River. Seriously. They make you waddle!! Buy some thin pads with all your money. I know those offices can afford it. They are not broke!!


alicia said...

ha ha those pads are awesome! sorry it hurt! but yay for no clogs, thats all that matters!

Jendeis said...

Yes, what is it with those diaper pads? Congrats on the clear lady bits.

Anonymous said...

Fab news on your all clear lady bits :) Sorry it hurt you so much though!

Oh and I second you on the pad thing! The thinner ones are actually less expensive here in SA so I don't get why they don't buy them - ass wipes!

Mel said...

I am so glad it's over for you. The balloon is exceedingly painful, but it is over and done quickly enough.
Good news on the results! And hey, you know your odds are higher for pregnancy the first 3 cycles after the HSG, right? Comes from them "clearing" things out with all that fluid.