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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Okay, So I had a heart to heart with the RE today.

And... I feel a little better.

He and I talked about the FSH. Last month was much better. Even "beautiful". tee hee.. Like me??? He says the 12 was a one time thing in May. The tens... they mean my clock is ticking. After the baby we are making right now, I need to try again right away.. Which is so weird. I only got my period at 16???? Does that mean that menopause will come earlier for me? What a short time to have your period right? Anywho.. irrelevant, I guess.

He said that the effectiveness of Clomid increases with repeated use. I will hopefully have a better response this month. He said that people usually get pregnant after a few months of use.

He also said that the IUI's usually take between 4 and 6 tries to work, if they will work. So, we are at try number 5. He still really thinks that IUI's will do it for us. But if not after two months more... IVF or injectables... but probably IVF.

He aslo said the we fall under the "unexplained infertility with a little male factor too" umbrella. He says that even though Stephen's motility has increased (counts have lowered but, are still normal) that his sperm could be swimming in every which way and not forward. So, that could be our problem. And knowing Stephen's sense of direction, wouldn't surprise me... ;) MWAH Love you, babe.

He also said that my tubes could not being grabbing my egg correctly. I have no flipping clue what that meant. Really.

I asked about vitamins, he said, not really. So, he told me just to be patient.

Yeah, right.

But, I feel a little calmer today and I am putting all my energy into scrubbing every last speck of dirt off my cars and my house. Poor Stephen, I am making him help. Happy Vacation, my love.

On a happier note.. we went fishing on a party boat last night. It was Stephen's first time on the bay!! I didn't know that he had only been on boats on lakes.. I am a terrible wife. We have lived by the water for 4 years and I never took him on the bay!

I am also a terrible wife because...... I CAUGHT 5 KEEPERS.. and he caught NONE!!!! I can't stop gloating!! He's like, "You could have let me win since it was my first time fishing in salt water." Sorry dude, I can't help it if I am awesome!


Trace said...

Don't give up hope! It will happen! I got my period when I was 11. Did you know you only gro 2" after you get it? You must be really tall.

Good luck!

KimboSue said...

This will be the ONE! It took me 4 times also.

YEAH for outfishing hubby! I LOVE IT when that happens. My DH thinks fishing is such a man's sport but my mom and I outfish DH and my dad EVERY TIME!!!

Tricia said...

Trace... I wish!! I am five foot and 1 inch tall!! LOL

theclam said...

Sounds like you have a good plan of action Trish! I know it is hard being patient but I am hoping that this is THE one for you guys!

And whoo hoo for outfishing hubby!