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Friday, August 15, 2008

Psychic Stuff.

So there is this lady "C' at work. I have always thought she was too too weird. She never talks to me without provocation. And is super super quiet. So, of course, this bothered me and I went out of my way to chat with her. Especially in the last few weeks. I hate when someone doesn't want to be my friend. Well, My friend "M" thinks she is cool and won't tell me why. "M" is a bit of a crazy, cook but, I totally adore her.

So, today "M" tells me that they do "psychic stuff" together. Totally doesn't surprise me about me about "M". She is a total hippie and just a little off. But, I love her. Really.

So, apparently the other day they were doing some kind of psychic stuff ( I didn't ask what) and "C" predicted that I would have one boy and one girl. While "M" said two boys. I didn't ask for elaboration. And, apparently they were arguing about this. BUT, apparently, I walked in on all this. I can remember a day when I walked in they were all weird (which is so not off for "C"... she is always so weird) and I didn't think anything.

Anyway.. craziness. people are having premonitions about the children I will have. And the number is not zero. And honestly, I am very open about my infertility, but I have NEVER told "C" about it. NEVER. I have told "M" and it was never a secret. Most people know about my IF. But I never addressed "C" about it. So, do I care that someone was talking about it, No. But were they specifically trying to find info about it, or was it them trying to find a nice ending for me?

I don't kn0w how much I believe. But, still.... I guess it is a little bit of hope. It may be totally anti-catholic though. I am pretty sure it is.

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