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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who wants to pretend to be my doctor for a minute?

So today, I am pretty bloated.
I feel full in my abdominal area.
It feels tight.. Kind of like everything inside is swollen.
My ovaries are a little pinchy feeling and I feel like, gas bubbles.

Could this be from the HSG?

Or could it be mild OHSS from the low does of Clomid?

The feeling is so hard to explain. It isn't painful, just really uncomfortable. Kind of like, you know when have to pee so bad that it hurts to hit a bump in the car and then after you pee it is still sore in your belly for a minute or two. Like that, with bloatingand pinchy ovary pains. LOL Has anyone ever experienced this either from the HSG or from Clomid?


Carrie said...

The "I have to pee so bad it hurts and it keeps hurting after I peed" feeling is exactly how I describe my endo pains. I didn't have that type of pain with my HSG or Clomid, but I know that I never hyper-stimulated with Clomid either.

Yeah, that was really no help to you. :)

Trace said...

I was like that on Clomid. I remember asking the nurse and she told me it was normal. In a weird way I was almost glad because it made me feel like the Clomid was working.

Mel said...

Heads up, I had a LOT of gunk come out after my HSG. Thick and brown, lasted for about 2 days. They told me it was normal, but it was still weird!

Tricia said...

Mel.. Yeah I got that. Gross right.

I still feel so crummy. I am starting to think it is just the Clomid. I am going in at 8am tomorrow for a sono and blood work. So I will ask them then if this is all normal.