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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brett Favre... We don't want you.....

Unless you win of course ;)

But, Chad, Chad, Chad.... I am so sad. (that sounds like a poem). We will miss you here in NY. I just "met" you last week and I was so on the Chad bandwagon. I was always kind of there... but, after that I was firmly planted on it. He is one seriously nice guy and I really thought he was throwing better at training camp. Good Luck where ever you go. Dude... You were a cool JET. You were the ONLY Jet to look up an acknowledge the crowd during the rain delay on Saturday. The ONLY one. You will be missed.

But, seriously is Brett is only signed for one season. What about after that? Is he going to retire again and then leave us fucked? Ohh I am so mad. This was a really stupid deal, for the long term anyway. He is 38!! Come on.

My Jet cheer is a little sad and quieter this morning. J E T S Jets Jets Jets... (with a lot of apathy and not too much enthusiasm)

Oh and P.S. I feel a little better this morning. Lets see what happens after I eat.

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