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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Holy Hot Flashes Batman!!!

Good F-ing Lord!!

I have downed 4 doses of Clomid (1/2 a pill each) and have decided that all it is doing is cooking me from the inside out.

I feel like a menopausal woman! It is worse at night. Last night I never slept more than an hour consecutively. I was hot.. then cold... then okay.. then hot again. Covers on... covers off.. It was bad. I went to Jets practice yesterday (WHERE I FINALLY GOT BRAD SMITH TO AUTOGRAPH MY SHIRT*) and I was sitting in the pouring rain.. not cold at all.. Okay so that was good. But, when it started to get scary out we ran over to Cherbet's bar.. (WHERE I MET WAYNE CHERBET!!**) and I had a beer and all of the sudden I was dripping with sweat. I heard that the hot flashes are worse when you have alcohol.. Well they were. Fun fun.

* I waited forever to watch Brad Smith sign all the kiddies. Then he started to go back to the lockers. I panicked. Stephen yelled his name and something about his jersey. The rest was in Slow Motion. It was beautiful. He glanced over from the 50 yard line. Then he did a double take. Big Smile when he saw my jersey (Note: The NFL doesn't make his jersey yet. I had to get it specially made.. yes I am a stalker). He came running back to the endzone fence where I was. He goes, " I saw the jersey and I had to come over". That's right. I impressed him. So he signed it. He wrote "To Trisha, Brad Smith 16" I did tell him my name was spelled Tricia but, oh well. It still says Tricia, sort of. Stephen told him that I wouldn't let anyone else sign it. Which was true. Bubba Franks tried to sign it and I told him "no, only Brad Smith". He looked hurt. So I told him, "Bubba you already got my hat." Then he smiled. Brad Smith laughed at this. He is cool. My chest was pounding a little.

** So we go to Cherbets bar for a drink and wings during the lightning delay. We are waiting at the bar and who strolls out but WAYNE CHERBET. FUCKING LEGEND!!! So, We met him. I told him how much my grandpa would have loved to meet him. He didn't seem impressed. So, I told him that my grandpa was a Hofstra Alum and a Season Ticket Holder for the Jets. He smiled and said "Really, he went to Hofstra, Cool." That was for you Grandpa! Stephen got him to sign his Martin Jersey. Not the right player but they are both retired. So kind of okay.

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Trace said...

I hear you on the hot flashes.