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Monday, August 11, 2008

I had a busy weekend..

Let's hope it was very "re" productive.. I know.. I know. I am hysterical! LOL

I went for my blood work and sonogram on Saturday to check out my follies after the Clomid. I had used my OPK's Friday morning, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning... All negative. So when they told me I had one lead follie at 22mm, I was a little shocked. I had 4 other follies all less than 10mm. :( I don't know how I feel about that yet. I did have one that got much bigger than it usually does alone. I guess we were shooting for more though. Next month, I will be taking a whole pill of Clomid.

So, anyway, they were like, "we don't think you are surging but, lets take some blood and check anyway". Around 2 pm the phone rings. Guess what? I was surging. The surge is technically 25something and I was at 23 something but, they didn't feel comfortable waiting for Monday morning. So, Sunday morning (I got a positive OPK Sunday morning also) we went for the IUI.

Then we went home and after Stephen's softball game I made him do the deed with me. I tried again later the night. But, he told me it was too much. So, I may jump him again tonight for good measure. I think I ovulated (based on the crazy mittelschmerz I had at like 11pm) sometime last night.

So, cross your fingers. The Two Week Wait is beginning! (faint)

P.S. I saw Brett Favre at practice! I think I am over my Pennington grieving! Brett's arm is amazing!!!


alicia said...

yay 2ww! I hope it zooms by for you :)

Happy Not-So-Newlywed said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog! My hubby has totally put his foot down with me in the past too when it comes to doing the deed near ovulation! Soooo hilarious. The first month we started trying AF was late so I thought we had succeeded (hehehhohoh) and Mr. E even said he was kinda sad and wished we could have "tried" longer! Oh how I love to remind him of that!!

Good luck in your 2WW!!

Anonymous said...

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