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Monday, September 1, 2008

"How was your Summer? Are you pregnant?"

Yup... that will be just about every conversation I have tomorrow...

It's official.. Summer is over and school starts tomorrow. The kiddos don't come back until Thursday and we have two days of horrifying meetings to sit through. UGH....

I know that I am well loved at work and everyone just wants to see how I am doing. So I can't and won't just brush them off or tell them to bug off. I will answer each question honestly but, briefly. They care and want the best for me.. I just have to keep repeating that in my head.. over and over.. and hope that no one walks in with a suprise pregnant belly that they gained over the summer...... Is that evil to think?

Goodbye summer....... Hello, school!!!!

(p.s., I am going to buy the new kids on the block CD at walmart tomorrow to get a pass to get into line to get thier autographs on Wednesday... Yes, I am a loser. And I got my Joey pin from Ebay this weekend... Annnnndddd I am making my NKOTB T-Shirt tonight. I will be sure to post pics of it as soon as it is done!) Okay.... snicker behind my back. Go ahead... I don't mind.. HA HA


Anonymous said...

Hope it was not too bad today!

New Kids on the Block? I did not even realise that they were still around... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope the day back at school went well! I always dread seeing people I haven't seen in awhile because that's the first question they ask.

As for NKOTB-I'm totally buying their cd :)

alicia said...

Good luck with school! I hope ppl are nice!