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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My new outfit!

So last month while in the TWW I went to a store and fell in love with a pair of pricey jeans. But, you know.. I could have pregnant so I didn't get them... sigh... Stupid. However, I promised myself that if I wasn't pregnant I would go back and buy them.

Since yesterday was pay day.. I went back.. I figured I have to go a NKOTB concert next week and Joey Mac would love to see me in new jeans, of course. ;) So, not only did I get new sexy jeans but, I got a new top, new necklace and cute short sleeved black jacket to wear over it all!!

I think I will wear my sexy peep toe pumps with it. So, of course I need a pedicure. AHHH.. Pampering myself is nice... as is leaving beyond my financial means.. LOL.. Hey if I can't get pregnant, I might as well look good!

Quicky question... I needed knew jeans because my old ones are too faded. I hate them now. But I read once that you could use RIT dye to re-darken your jeans... Does this really work? Do they look good as new.. or kind of crazy?


Trace said...

The stylish infertile non-preggo has been the way I've made myself feel better for the past 3 or 4 years ;-). I tell myself pregnant people look frumpy so why not flaunt my slender self, lol. We all need a little pampering!

theclam said...

Pampering is GREAT! That is why I am going to the spa on Sunday :) You deserve it honey!