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Saturday, September 6, 2008

screw you hanna!!

So, Here we are thinking we are more than a mile inland and Hanna won't even bother us. We go to a party and see the "winds".. not so bad... but, we were inland and thinking... what storm? Well, we come home (about 1-2 miles from the nearest water) and the ceiling in the bathroom has a major, water filled bulge in it... Great a roof leak.. Great. I guess.. the shore areas were harder hit???

I don't even know how this is handled... It is midnight, almost, and my Dad said he would come over tomorrow.. Ugh.. I don't even know what we will do. This is bad..

Pray that it doesn't mean a whole roof replacement.. I don't even know where that would come from, finacially speaking.


Well it looks like we had a clogged gutter that backed up the water onto the house. So, thank god we don't need a new roof. We just have to cut out the drywall in the bathroom and replace that small section.


Jendeis said...

Hoping that the roof isn't so bad and that it doesn't require a full replacement. Maybe it'll just need a patch job.

Trace said...

Yup! We know we need a new roof, but more than that we need new gutters. We're in desperate need for gutter guards. Unfortunately during the storm the gutters overflowed so badly and we discovered a leak between the base of the house and the ground :-(. Yup, minor flooding in our utility room (sigh). We've been frantically saving and are 1500 away from the roof/gutter estimate.

Good luck! A new roof is expensive. Hopefully you won't need to replace all of it, you can patch, or you only have 1 layer of shingles and they can just add a second layer which is significantly less expensive.

alicia said...

oh good! how scary!!!