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Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You.

To all those who have been sticking with my miserable depressing blog and still offering support.. I thank you. You have no idea what that means. Sometimes I have such a hard time discussing this with people I know. They get sick of the sad stuff. And let's face it, the past few weeks have been full of it. I just hope that once I get past this week and early next week that I will start to feel better and that my family will pull together and heal the unit and my brother.

From the bottom of my heart.. thank you.

P.S., I swear there will be some funner (not a word) posts to come. Maybe after Wednesday's concert!!!!!


Trace said...

A blog is one of the best spots to get it all out. Sort of like an interactive journal. I hope things work out for your brother.

theclam said...

Here for you all the way Hon! And I'm looking forward to hearing about the NKOTB concert ;)

PS - glad you made up with your Mom, it sucks to fight with those you love most...