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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beta number 1!!!!!

So, honestly, I was so nervous I forgot the number. It was either 650 or 690..ish.. But in the upper 600's.

Progesterone was 24!!!!!

Last time the day I started to miscarry the beta was 500 at 5 1/2 weeks. So this is already way ahead. I did a due date calender this morning.. it looks like June 3rd! Gosh, that seems so far away! It is also on 3 days from my last due date. Please tell me there will be a time when I will stop comparing this one with the last one?

We go Monday for a repeat beta!! I am starting to feel excited. eeeek... girls....I'm pregnant!


bendingbackwards said...

Sending you tons of positive thoughts! :)

And now I am thinking I should go visit NY and the fertility statues. ;)

DianaRN said...

I'm Diana. I found your website online. I was searching some info regarding pregnancy and your website showed up from Google search engine. I was reading your blogs and only now figured that I can leave you a comment. :) Better late than never. :) I just want to congratulate you and wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy! To me it was interesting to read your blogs because I was trying to get pregnant for about a year now and failed first IUI. But now I know at least some people get pregnant with IUI. :) Great News! I'm truly happy for you!!!
Diana Chaginian, RN

theclam said...

Fantastic beta :) Whoo hooo!!!!

alicia said...

yay yay yay!! those are great numbers!!! can't wait to hear the monday numbers.