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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lucky number.. ummm... 5???

Tomorrow is my 5th IUI.. Yikes.. I think I have been going at this for too long!

I have been at the RE every day since Friday and I even got to bond with some sweet ladies. About 4 of us have all been there the past 3 mornings and we got to know each other. We want to do a study of how many educators have IF. Seriously almost every single person in the waiting room was a teacher or worked in education (a couple of us speechie ladies). It is weird.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Okay.. and here is my heavy topic for today...

We were talking at lunch yesterday about Sarah Palin. It was two infertiles and one older lady ( sounds like the start of a bad joke ;) ). So, the older ladies goes, "I don't want to offend you two that are going through fertility treatments but, Sarah is in her 40's and knew she a baby with Down's. She should have aborted. I'm sorry but, abortion is there for a reason and some people really need to abort."

So, it took all my strength not to throttle her. She is new to our building but, I have known her for years. She definitely didn't make any new friends yesterday. Lady, you work in special ed. So, I guess all women who know that they are carrying a special needs child should abort?? Why? She said it as if it was cruel to bring the child into this world. I called my Mom who is a L&D nurse and she says that she hears that opinion all the time. But, even thought I am pro-life, I am of the understanding that women in America have a CHOICE! And that choice can be to keep your baby, regardless of his disability. No one should be chastised for their choice. That is what Pro-Choice means right? It doesn't mean that someone can dictate your choices.

I guess I just have a hard time with her feeling that way when she has dedicated her life to helping special needs children! AND.. she knew it was going to strike a nerve with the two infertiles in the room. She just 3 minutes earlier talked to us about how hard IF is and all that we are going through. She knew we were both having a rough time with this.. She said that she knew it might offend and then she continued to say this awful thing. So, was it just nothing for her to say something so hurtful?


Amy said...

I guess everyone has differing opinions, I believe that if you choose to have a child through pregnancy you should NOT be able to select what you have -- be thankful OR do not have children or adopt!

Okay, having said my blanket statement I realize there are always exceptions and I am open to that but I just think we take it too far!

As for why this lady felt it necessary to make this statement, when she knew it would be hurtful --- this is beyond me. I do not think I will ever understand why people find it necessary to be mean!

Trace said...

I'm not a fan of Palin. Actually, my first thought was that she already had a number of children and at 44 was she TRYING to get pregnant? If so, fine she knew she had a higher risk for downs. If her family was finished, why wasn't she on birth control? Now I'm more horrified that she has a 4 month old special needs baby and she's running for VP...obviously a time consuming proposition. I guess her husband will raise the baby? Her other children? A nanny? She can afford to hire help. Hmmm, she knew she was a possible VP candidate a while ago and she made the choice to not be a big part in parenting her baby. I guess in a way it shows many women they can have a "career" and a family. A career is fine, but running for VP is on a different scale.

Good luck with IUI 5!! We did 7 IUIs before moving on. I had a rough time with the 2 week up and down cyle of hope.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best with IUI # 5 - hoping this is *the* one!!


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Palin - just to throw that out there :)

I cannot BELIEVE the lady had the nerve to say that! It would have taken everything in me not to knock her out!