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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bad period cramps... What's that all about?

Anyone??? It is way too early for them to be this bad. Usually it is just mild cramping around now. Maybe AF is coming early? Ugh.. Who knows.. I also have a sore throat and a little bloody nose.. that isn't TTc related.. it's fall.. welcome back allergies.. I missed you all summer.

I have no good news about my brother. Yesterday, my Mom took him to the police to get an order of protection against some drug dealer that was sending death threats to his phone. I only know this since my aunt told me. I haven't spoken to my Mom, Dad or brother since Thursday. It is killing me. But, I am so angry at her that I need to just step back. Today she called my aunt to tell her to call me, to tell me, to call her.. ????? Grow a set woman and call me. I am NOT apologizing for telling you what I really think of your actions regarding my brother. And isn't getting an order of protection only going to really anger the already angry drug dealer? I am pretty scared to even go near thier house. The guy knows where they live since he went to high school with them. The cops can't arrest him unless he actually attacks my brother.

But, I have just never been so sad. I can't even think about smiling. I know it is because I am fighting with her over my worry about him. I never go more than a few hours without talking to my Mom. This is killing me. And I just don't see anything coming out of this but, my brother's death.

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Anonymous said...

Tricia, I am SO sorry that you are going through this right now... it must be so tough to be fighting with you mom about what she needs to do to save your brother... Stay strong!

You and your family are still in my prayers!!