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Friday, September 5, 2008

I am a slow grower this month....

I went in today (Cd11) for my sono and bloodwork.

I used 50 mg of Clomid and I am waiting for my surge for my IUI.

But, I only had two dominant follies. One was 15.5 and one was 11. She said the 11 could catch up but, for now the 15 was the dominant one.

And my lining is only at 5...

SO, I have a ways to go. She said that sometimes Clomid can make your cycle longer or shorter. Last month it gave me a beautiful 28 day cycle.... But this month... will be longer.

I am getting anxious. I just want to get on with it!!


alicia said...

I hope that other follie catches up quick!! but all you need is one!

JJ said...

Youve been such a great cheerleader for me--Im here to return the favor=)
Hoping that this cycle doesnt drag on for you-and that the end result is +!