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Monday, September 8, 2008

Update on my follie growth

Well, it looks like IUI #5 is in the very near future. I didn't do my OPK this morning so I am wating for the results from my blood test to see exactly when IUI #5 is coming.. but, the lead follie is at 23... I am thinking that the IUI will be tomorrow. I will know more later.

The second follie didn't catch up and my lining eeked up to over 7.

I know that Clomid gives you more mature follies... check.. fine.

But, it also should give more follies, as in quantity.. so why have I not had more than one follie each month yet? I guess quality over quanitity.. but, come on... two would be nice.

I know it only takes one.. but, one hasn't worked for the last year a half.

P.S. I have to present something at two faculty meetings today and I have such a fear of public speaking.. Wish me luck!! (fainting)

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