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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm baccck.

oh oh oh oh oh... oh oh oh oh ... the right stuff.

The concert was unbelievable!!!! I have NEVER had so much fun at a concert in my life. Never Ever!! They sounded so good. It was like a giant sing along. My throat hurts from screaming so much! It was hysterical! If they come near you.. please go see them. Realize that it is, of course, cheesy, but, so freaking fun!!

and.. um.. I'm late. I am trying to think about it too much. I have been late before and I have slight cramps. I am pretty sure that she is coming.. but, she hasn't yet. I think I might test tomorrow but, I don't feel like I am pregnant. I know I should test. But, I really don't want to. These cramps just feel like AF? Anyone have experience with AF cramps around the time of the BFP? Do they really feel just like AF?

Okay, Here's the pictures.


Anonymous said...

You look like you had a lot of fun!

Oh and you're glowing ;)

Liza said...

Wow, I just stumbled upon your blog. Congrats on the pregnancy! Can't wait to hear about the 2nd beta. I am a long time NKOTB fan myself and am going with my BFFs in Oct. to see them. I CANNOT wait. Did they do mostly old stuff or equal amounts? TFS the pics.