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Friday, June 20, 2008


Today was a good day. For many reasons.

I had my progesterone today. It was 17. Good, No? Last month it was 13 on this day so, more is better. I am very pleased. Does anyone know if progesterone numbers can predict pregnancy? Probably not. I am about to enter week 2 of the TWW.. We all know what that means. Bring out the crazy, irrational, emotional, pee on a stick addicted, symptom analyzing, lunatic. I did survive week one but, week two is a whole other ball park.

Today was also the last day of school. I am working summer school but, that is SOOOO different. Much less kids, 2 half day sessions, and we just don't give a flippin shit. :) So today I did several dances of happiness as I said goodbye to most of my kids for the whole summer and I started two weeks of work free happiness. Some of my favorite kids did graduate or move onto other schools and I was a little sad. But seriously, IT IS SUMMER.

I went out an put back a few drinks with people from work today. That was fun. I peeled labels on my beer and everyone called me sexually frustrated. If they only knew the stress that was causing me to peel like a nun. A bunch of ladies turned into cougars on the dance floor and attacked poor unsuspecting young men, all while the principal looked on. DON'T GET WASTED AT WORK FUNCTIONS PEOPLE!!

I also picked up my new patio furniture today. I have been waiting and waiting for my summer paycheck so I could buy it. It is in boxes on the patio. DH refuses to set it up until Sunday, since we have plans tomorrow. It is supposed to rain on Sunday. Anyone want to take bets on how long that set will sit in the boxes? Anyone?

Did you ever see those doghouse things where each family member has a name on a dog and you can hang them on a hook, "in the doghouse". Dh would be in the doghouse now. I WANT MY NEW PATIO FURNITURE!!!!!

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