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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Show and Tell. My beautiful bracelet.

Show and Tell
My sister made me a beautiful fertility bracelet a while back. I loved it. But it kept falling off and falling apart. I recently lost it. This makes me so sad, but this weekend she made me a new one. This time she made it with stretchy stuff rather than the metal links and pretty toggle. I loved that first one but it hurt my arm when I wrote and well.. I broke it and then I lost it. I won't let myself get into the symbolism of my fertility bracelet breaking so many times and getting lost..... Ugh.. LOL

Here is it. (I spent countless hours researching these stones and charms online when I first made the bracelet a couple of months ago. I found most of the stones and charms at Michael's or A.C. Moore. I had to go to a special bead store for the first turtle I got. I really loved that one, but I lost it with the first bracelet. The new turtle and the shamrock were from earrings whose matches have since been lost.)

-It has a butterfly for my miscarriage. There is also an ancient Celt belief that in order to get pregnant, one must swallow the soul of a butterfly. To the Greeks the butterfly was the symbol of the soul, and it was believed that each butterfly was a human soul searching for a new incarnation.Early Christians also believed that the butterfly was a powerful symbol of the soul.

-It has a turtle, Because turtles are fertile. :) Or something like that!

-It has a clover, I have Irish heritage and well, clovers are good luck right?

~~And the stones.. (I fully admit that this gets a little weird and witchcrafty but, desperate times call for desperate measures. ~~

-Rose quartz (the love stone) - helps achieve emotional balance and brings positive energy to relationships. It is also known for enhancing sexual well-being and promoting confidence. I also read that it promotes healthy pregnancy and prevents Miscarriage. I love this part because, "WHEN" I get Pg I can still wear it.

-Moonstone (the feminine stone) - has long been associated with women and their cycles. Specifically, moonstone, which has a soft internal glow much like the moon, helps balance menstrual hormones and soothe stress and anxiety.

-Aventurine (the earth stone) - represents the healing powers of Mother Earth. Green aventurine promotes fertility, prosperity, and good luck for those who wear it, and is said to have a stabilizing and calming effect.

-Freshwater Pearls- These are the most closely tied gems to fertility. Since oysters are natures aphrodisiac, it would seem that the pearl would also contain some of those properties. Lastly, it is thought that since it requires patience and time to create a pearl, just like the patience and time required to create a baby, is why the pearl is so powerful to fertility.

***This was the original bracelet she made*** I loved this one, however my new one is much more practical and just as pretty.


theclam said...

Beautiful - both of them.

JJ said...

How sweet! Love the bracelet, and how special that your sister did this for you.