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Thursday, June 26, 2008

And the spotting started.

Weirdest PMS symptom ever? I start having an asthma attack right before AF shows. I have noticed it the past few months. Just thought I would share.

Well, I don't know about you ladies and gents. But I am getting hammered tonight.

Actually, I do know that a few of you will only be ordering virgin drinks.. YEAHHH!!!! :)

But, anyway my little bro is due home tonight. He is coming all the way from Dyess Air Force Base in TX. to spend 12 days leave with us!!!! YIPPEE! We usually place bets on how long before he gets home that one of us starts a big fight and we fall right back into our old family routine.. Ahhh family.

Unfortunately, there are major delays at the airports and Continental stops flying out of Houston at 7:30 pm and his flight from Abilene to Houston is delayed until 7:45 pm. So, unless the flight to New York is also delayed he will be spending the night on a chair in Houston, unless the USO is still open for him to crash in. And then our strawberry picking plans for tomorrow are all screwed up.

I told him to wear his camos and maybe he could garner up some good old fashioned patriotism and get switched to an American Airlines flight but, he is too honorable for that. Boo him. But, I am so excited to see him. I just really wanted to share good news with him this week and alas, I have none. Nor do DH and I have anything terribly exciting to toast to on our anniversary. Life sucks.

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theclam said...

I know it is tough, but toast each other, cos you have each other this anniversary!