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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thin lining?

Before I spend the rest of the night searching google to diagnose myself with some crazy incurable disease, I want to post what happened at the doctor today, while I still have an inch of sanity left.

I went today for a sono and bloodwork to check out my follicles and see when they thought I would be ready for the IUI. I have one dominant follie on the left side measuring 15. So, I have 3 or 4 days until I surge. Which is about right for me. That is the good news.

The bad, or maybe bad, news is that my endometrial lining is "a little thinner than they would like to see". So my instruction was to come back on Tuesday to see if it thickened up on its own. If not, I might need some estrogen. They also said that if I surge on my OPK's before then to come in for the IUI. I would not get a sono at that point. So I ask, "well then how would you know if the lining was too thin?". I was told, "well, you probably wouldn't". So I asked what a thin lining means. She said something about implantation. Since I have had a miscarriage, I am freaking. YIKES.. I am trying not to be negative but, I am thinking this cycle is a bust. Only time will tell. :(

Which brings me to how I will spend the rest of my night. Searching google. I will probably diagnose myself with smallpox before the night is through. So, Au Revoir, my sanity. I will hopefully see you again sometime on Tuesday.


nancy said...

If you have any lining questions, just ask me. The RE thinks the lining is what has been my "issue" with all my TTCing. (took 18 months for #1 and I just completed IVF/FET for #3)

Thin lining means there isn't a nice soft spot for an embryo to land. My RE thinks we've "conceived" most likely lots of times, but there just wasn't a place for it to burrow, so it just kept going on it's way. Once it does find a spot, they tend to stick, so I wouldn't worry about the miscarriage aspect.

I had my first embryo transfer cancelled due to thin lining. I was devastated. But I also understood at the same time. The next cycle we did tons to make it grow. Giving me estrogen did nothing for my lining (although it helps TONS of people!) and we had to go through the following protocol:

1. Letrozole (Femara) to stop my body making it's own estrogen, in turn, causing the lining to be "estrogen hungry". This was taken cd1-4 because it wasn't to make eggs in my case.
2. The next day after the last pill of letrozole I was given a very concentrated dose of estrogen in the form of delestrogen injections.
3. I was also given etrogen (estrace) to take 3 times a day, vaginally.
4. When the estrace started, I was also given an Rx of viagra, but in the form of a suppository, again - to be taken vaginally. 4 times a day.
5. Then we waited for the lining to grow.
6. When it got time for FET, my RE didn't want to continue because my lining only reached 7mm. He wanted it over 10. I told him I wanted to procede anywho and I actually ended up with a bfp, so that shows a 7mm lining can be just fine (although not the best).

Sorry this got so long, but I'm just an unfortunate "expert" with thin lining. And really, most girls with thin lining just has to take a few days of estrogen and WHAMMO! Their lining responds perfectly.

I'll be watching for your update! Good luck!

theclam said...

I am hoping that it thickens up before the IUI. Take care!


JJ said...

Whew, Nancy gave you the bomb-digitty answer! Hoping everything will work out! Keep us posted!

Jen said...

I don't have any experience with that, but I hope it thickens up for you!