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Friday, June 13, 2008

Pardon me if I get a little religous.

I had my IUI today.

107 million swimmers with 95% motility AFTER THE WASH!! I know that's good. I am just very negative this week. So we'll see.

After all my jokes about the IUI being on Friday on the 13th and this being my 13 cycle I found out some nice things about today.

It is the feast day of St. Anthony. The Doctor of the Church and the finder of lost things.. Hmm maybe he will find my sanity?? Maybe I won't be crazy this month. He is usually depicted with Baby Jesus becasue he miraculously appeared to him once. So Baby Jesus, Babies.. hmm maybe there is a connection.

In Italy 13 is a lucky number. I don't know why. I really tried to find it but, I couldn't.
Also, In Sikhism, the number 13 is considered a special number since 13 is tera in Punjabi, which also means "yours" (as in, "I am yours, O Lord").
Now that I really like. I am yours, Lord. I am placing this in your hands. So I am turning this around. 13 will not be my unlucky month and day. It will be whatever God makes it to be. BFP or BFN, I am going to try and not question it this month. But I will be lighting a ton of candles in church today!


Jen said...

I hope that 13 is a lucky number for you!!

nancy said...

woohoo!!!! GL!!!