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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update on My Endometrial Lining.

So I went in yesterday (Tuesday) for my sono and bloodwork to check on my follicle growth and my lining. The office was hella busy! I have never seen it like that! Crazy. And I saw someone from work there. Luckily she was a sweetheart and I don't really care that she knows everything. I kinda had an inkling that she was seeing my doctor also.

So my lining went from 5 to 7 since Saturday. They said that is the minimum they like to see. So I am getting into the range and I don't need estrogen. My lazy little follicle however, only went from 15 to 16 since Saturday. I was supposed to ovulate today ( And I thought I was going to go early this month!!).. Guess not. So, they said I am just going to have a long cycle. The good news is that my lining has a few more days to get nice and thick.

I have to go in on Saturday for another sonogram and more bloowork if I don't get a + OPK before then. I was like, "well of course I will have my IUI and + OPK before Saturday". She is all ,"Don't count on it". She has no faith in my ovaries. LOL.

However, having an IUI on the weekend won't be so bad. I cancelled my hair appointment for Saturday morning just in case and I was able to guilt the salon into giving me an appointment for this Thursday evening. Thank the Lord! I was starting to look like a psycho.

Oh, and my fertility bracelet broke again. Symbolism. I can't keep the darned thing on my wrist. It's like the universe is laughing at me. Ha Ha.. No baby for you.

And I hurt my knee. I have no idea what I did to it. Hopefully, I just bruised the muscle and nothing too serious. I was walking into the pool and suddenly I was on my back clutching the rail for dear life. My knee didn't start to hurt until a few hours later and now I can't walk. Good thing my students have graduation today. I should look really cute walking up the stage with a mega limp and ice on my knee. UGH. If it gets worse I am off to the doctor.


KimboSue said...

Hope your knee gets better soon. Put some duct tape on that damn bracelet! You WILL keep it on and have that baby!!

Random question - how did you get that list on your left side bar to work? The one that lists the Braces Bunch links and had the time they last posted?
P.S. I'm currently at the top of the list!

Jendeis said...

I think the bracelet needs to be made of stronger materials - how bout lead? It's the new sterling silver.

Hope that your knee gets better soon. You are doing the right thing by icing it and trying to rest. :)

nancy said...

Yay!!! See? Your lining certainly made up for itself.

Good luck with the grwoing follicle though! (although I certainly wouldn't of given up my hair appointment! ~wink~)